Spa Packages

Simple Pleasures

Experience our Cynergy deep cleansing facial and either our Back to Nature or Urban Oasis Sports/deep tissue massage together. Simple Pleasures, simply pleasing! 

2 hours 

Sugar n' Spice

Dream of the islands with our brown sugar scrub and be lulled into sweet dreams with a full body massage using our specially blended oils!

Approx 110-120 mins


Come in and get some much needed relaxation, body, mind and spirit renewal. Experience our signature Ancestral Aromatherapy Massage (55 mins) guaranteed to melt those tight muscles. This is followed by a hand and foot treatment complete with paraffin. The treatment will soften and restore your digits especially now that we are constantly using hand sanitizers which are so very drying. You owe this to yourself!!

 Approx. 1.75 hrs 

Me Myself & I (on Tuesdays and Thursdays only)

Sit back and luxuriate solo in a scented jacuzzi while sipping on bubbly

(20 minutes). Then let those muscles melt beneath skilled hands of one of our massage therapists with a 55 minute Aromatherapy Massage. Let your body and mind say Ahhhhhh!!!! 
This package is for one person, only.

Approximately 1 1/2 hrs 


His Delights

Just for him....a 90 minute full body massage that melts away all the stresses, followed by an exhilarating foot treatment complete with paraffin dip. He will be totally rejuvenated and reinvigorated. The perfect gift for that perfect man!!

110 minutes

The Great Escape

A 40 minute full body (swedish technique) massage followed by our Rain Forest facial. The perfect SAMPLER package for the newbie! 
70-80 minutes

The Great Escape Deluxe

A 40 minute full body massage (swedish technique), our brightening Rain Forest facial then a hand & foot Sea Salt treatment complete with paraffin dip. Your body deserves this!
2 hours 

The Ultimate Escape

The total getaway, float on clouds...this package includes any $160. facial, a choice between the Back to Nature Massage ( swedish technique ) or Urban Oasis Sports Massage (deep tissue). Also includes a sea salt hand and foot treatment with paraffin dip and a delightfully delectable champagne spa lunch!

4 hours 

The Birthday Package

A scented jacuzzi bath (15-20 minutes) followed by a 55 minute aromatherapy massage, a one hour deep cleansing or hydrating facial, hand and foot treatment with paraffin and a scrumptious champagne spa lunch! A birthday doesn't get much better than this!!!
4 hours

Bronze Oval Package (not available on Sat.& Sun.)

Spend just about the entire day at the spa. Begin with a body scrub followed by a delightful aromatherapy massage. Then let your face be treated to the Cynergy Deep Cleansing facial. You also have a hand and foot treatment complete with paraffin dip and not forgetting that scrumptious champagne spa lunch. Between treatments, take time out to just sit and unwind.
NB this package is not available on Saturdays and Sundays. 

5 hours 

Golden Oval Package 

This is our total “Spa-aaahhhh” package. Start off by unwinding in the jacuzzi for 15 minutes before your body is exfoliated with our luscious brown sugar scrub. This is followed by a seaweed-mud treatment which detoxes and conditions the skin in preparation for a rejuvenating 55 minute aromatherapy massage.  
Following these body treatments you will then be served a delightful champagne spa lunch complete with dessert.
 End the day with your facial of choice and our hand/foot treatment complete with paraffin dip. What a day! Your body, mind and spirit will say “ahhhhhh”.

NB:  this package is not available on Saturdays and Sundays. 

6 hours 

All Things Body

Luxuriate and give your body some love with this treatment. It starts with a sugar & ginger body scrub to exfoliate and eliminate dry, dead skin. After showering, vinotherapy is introduced. The body is drenched in a grape-based super antioxidant recovery body serum and cocooned in a thermal blanket to heighten the efficacy of this serum. Following a quick rinse the treatment culminates with a therapeutic 55 minute full body Swedish massage using an agave oil blend guaranteed to re-energize, refresh and renew. Your body deserves this as do you!!

2.25hrs   $383.25



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