Body Scrubs & Wraps

Get your glow on, look after your skin. Do not neglect your face, it needs care too.

De Islands' Brown Sugar Scrub

If you prefer a more aggressive exfoliation then try this scrub formulated with brown sugar,  omega oils and botanical extracts.

60 minutes 

Seaweed Mud Treatment

A detoxifying & revitalizing experience using nutrient-rich seaweed and mud to pamper, purify, condition and renew. After dry brushing the body in preparation, seaweed/mud is applied and you are wrapped in a thermal blanket to augment the process for approximately 20-25 minutes. A brisk shower is taken once the wrap has been removed and the body is then fully rehydrated with warm oils. 

80 minutes

Cynergy's Ultimate Facial

This starts with a soothing back massage followed by the application of Botanical Mud along the spine, then comes the Cynergy Deep Pore Cleansing (or hydrating) Facial!! A three-in -one treatment...simply divine! (1hr 15mins)

75-80 minutes 

All Things Body

Luxuriate and give your body some love with this treatment. It starts with a sugar & ginger body scrub to exfoliate and eliminate dry, dead skin. After showering, vinotherapy is introduced. The body is drenched in a grape-based super antioxidant recovery body serum and cocooned in a thermal blanket to heighten the efficacy of this serum. Following a quick rinse the treatment culminates with a therapeutic 55 minute full body Swedish massage using an agave oil blend guaranteed to re-energize, refresh and renew. Your body deserves this as do you!!

2.25 hrs 



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