Ra Skin Peels

The Rhonda Allison (Ra) skincare line understands common skin concerns for ALL Fitzpatrick skin types 1-V1. In particular, when working with mixed ethnicities and skin of colour the line has an outstanding track record dealing with pigmentation, decreasing inflammation and sensitivities as well as nourishing depleted skin. Reveal The New You!

Skin of Colour Mid-Depth Peel
(Fitzpatrick III-VI)

This Peel uses the synergy of advanced science and natural ingredients to address issues typically seen in ethnic skins. This corrective peel effectively brightens and evens skin tone, smooths
and softens rough texture while protecting the skin again post- inflammatory hyperpigmentation. The purchase of a post-care kit is mandatory for this procedure.

60 minutes


Mid-Depth Renew Peel (Fitzpatrick I-VI)

This peel strengthens skin, stimulates collagen production, improves hydration and minimizes skin sensitivities. It helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Perfect for aging, dehydrated skin. Post-care kit is mandatory. For all skin Fiitzpatrick skin types 1-V1. Can be done seasonally.
60 minutes 

Progressive Peel (Fitzpatrick I-VI)

An excellent peel to promote greater exfoliation, antibacterial and cellular support. Good for oily/ bacteria prone skin or skin with acne. For all skin types on the Fitzpatrick scale, 1-V1. Best in a series of 3 (done every 3-4 weeks over a 9-12 week period). Post-care kit must be purchased separately and is a MUST.
60 minutes 

VITAMIN A SERIES (2-3 wks. apart Fitzpatrick I-VI)

The Vitamin A Series is a great choice for pigmentation, acne, broken capillaries, rosacea and thinner skin. It’s the perfect option for a first Peel (light sunburn-like flaking expected).
Three (3) 1 hour treatments over a 6-9 week period. Please note that the mandatory Post-Care Kit is included in the total cost of this package. Great skin for everyone!!

60 minutes x 3 



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